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    1. Sailor Rush

      On September 7th 2010, RO lost a beloved family member. He will be missed but not forgotten.

    2. Muad_Dib

      On September 18th, 2011 we lost a fond member of the RO family.

    3. Dr. Genkidesho

      On June 8th, 2017 we lost a fond member of the RO family.

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    • Faero

      Merry Christmas everyone! 
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    • Azmo

      Enantiodromos' profile pic was making me think I was losing my mind! I'd catch it moving out the corner of my eye, then I'd watch it to see if it did or if I was imagining it but my attention span isn't doing so hot these days and as soon as my eye would wonder if moved again. I finally caught the animation while I was looking at it, nice little distraction and made me laugh at myself a bit! Thanks E!
      · 1 reply
    • Freeblast  »  Faero

      I wanted to give a heads up. I won't be in-game for a few days. My monitor decided it was too old and tired to show up anymore and has refused to show up to work. I live a good distance from a place to get a replacement, but  should have something in a few days. On a side note, what happened with AFF now?
      · 0 replies
    • abnormal_joe

      A Jedi thought it would be a good idea to sneak in a Arachnos base in a borrowed crab soldier suit. The extra legs got stuck in a steam vent. RIP Old Bay Wan Kenobi.
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    • MementoMori

      Sometimes i just click forum link look at the page a moment and close it out again, its like that old photograph on the mental, reminds me of happy times
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    • Hi all happy belated New Years my son gave me another hand me down computer so I'm  back playing some games like SWL and Sea of Thieves and then ran across the old Pirates of the Caribbean online which was shut down in 2013 and now is being run by fans Here which confuses the hell out me how they are able to do this
    • https://massivelyop.com/2019/01/09/paragon-chat-is-already-planning-an-event-for-the-city-of-heroes-anniversary-on-april-23/   This year would have been a big one for City of Heroes as the game’s 15th anniversary. Of course, the fans aren’t about to let something as inconsequential as a shutdown stop them from celebrating, especially not when Paragon Chat is alive and kicking. So the community is already getting prepared for a big celebration on Sunday, April 23rd. What’s going on in the celebration? We don’t know yet at all. It is more than three months away at this point, after all. But it’s best to know about this well in advance, so you can block out any time necessary sooner rather than later. If you’re still carrying a torch for the game, get ready for a big celebration when the date rolls around. You can still access the chat program as we outlined for the 14th anniversary celebration, if you’re eager to get in but aren’t sure how just yet; there’s even new stuff to look at beforehand.
    • "Then I hurt my back and have been wrestling with depression so gaming has taken a backseat." Eesh, hopefully you're getting help with that. I've been told I have fibromyalgia and have been inundated with pills, advice leaflets, help group invitations.. but then we have a totally different setup in the UK to you guys. Depression is no joke, needs treating, hopefully you're getting something.   I started replaying Batman Arkham Asylum but I'm going to have to look up what I'm supposed to be doing. I have no recollection of playing it up until the point I'm at and so I've got zero clue about what I've done / what I need to do next.   Then I picked up Ryse, Son of Rome and can't put it down. It was part of an old Humble Bundle I think and it has sat in my Steam library for months until I decided to install it maybe November time? It then sat unplayed until this week and now I feel bad that I missed out on playing this when it came out. Just so much fun.   I replayed both Metro games in anticipation of Metro Exodus. I still played them on easy mode, much more interested in the story than having to worry about my aim, ammo levels, number of gas mask filters etc. I may play them on a higher mode for a challenge at some point but we'll see.   I've also been following the hilariously bad release of the new Fallout, so glad I didn't pre-order this when it was first announced.
    • Glad to have you!
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